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Course Rules – Castle Course
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Course Rules – Castle Course

    a) The hedges and fences enclosing the course shall be deemed the boundaries thereof.
    b) Beyond the fence to the right hand side of the 1st fairway.
    c) Any ball coming to rest on or over the line of white marker posts defining Greenkeepers’ compound, including the wooded area and maintenance plot to left hand side of 2nd fairway and left hand side of 16th and 17th fairways.
    d) Any ball coming to rest on or over the line of white marker posts to right hand side of 7th green.
    e) Any ball coming to rest on or over the line of white marker posts behind 10th green.
    f) Any ball coming to rest on or over the line of white marker posts to right hand side of the 18th fairway.
    g) Any ball coming to rest beyond the fence defining the boundary of the Clubhouse behind the 18th green.
    A ball may be lifted and dropped within one club-length to the nearest point of relief, no nearer to the hole when lying:
    a) In hoof marks on fairways.
    b) On any road or footpath.
    c) On any ground affected by course maintenance.
    d) On, or adjacent to, any flint stones exposed on the fairways.
    e) From worn areas outside the Greenkeepers’ compounds and adjacent to the 6th tee box.
    f) When lying within one club-length of the road abutting the left hand side of the 4th fairway and the 6th fairway.
    g) A player may probe the surrounding area of a ball lying on the 14th fairway for embedded flints.
    h) A ball coming to rest on any tee box other than the hole being played.
    i) When lying within a designated No Play Zone.
  3. OTHER
    a) All storm damaged trees are to be treated as an integral part of the course.
    b) The drainage ditch behind the 14th green is an integral part of the course.
    c) Fixed sprinkler heads are to be treated as Rule 16.1b.
    You must rake all bunkers after playing your shot. All divots must be recovered and replaced. Pitch marks made by your ball when it lands on the green must be repaired immediately.
    If you are looking for a ball and the group behind are waiting you must call them through immediately.
    If a gap of more than one clear hole opens in front of your group and players behind are waiting, then you must let them play through immediately.
    On completion of a hole please clear the green and move on to the next tee as soon as possible.
    When approaching a green please leave your clubs on the side of the green in the closest direct route to the next tee.
    Please obey all notices and follow all directional signs on the course.
    If a player is deemed not to be of the required standard to play on the course, or contravenes basic rules or etiquette, Everyone Active reserves the right to refuse or terminate a player’s round without refund of green fee.
    The local rules may be amended from time to time – posted rules may be obtained on request.


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