Golf Buggy Conditions of Hire

Golf Buggy Conditions of Hire

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to establish a standard for the safe operation of all buggies operated at our clubs/courses. These terms and conditions outlines the minimal criteria and standards we expect users to adhere to prior to and during the operation of our golf buggies.

The safe operation of buggies on our courses require care and adherence to the minimum standard prescribed by this policy.

1. Before Use:

1.1 – Before hiring a buggy, all operators must have signed a hire form.

1.2 – To hire/operate a golf buggy at our venue they should confirm that they are:

  • aged seventeen years or over,
  • hold a full UK driving license and
  • are not currently disqualified from driving by the courts
  • not be under the influence of alcoholic drinks or drugs.

1.3 – Confirm that you are fully conversant with the safe operation of a golf buggy and have the skill to safely operate a golf cart and are accountable for their actions and the consequences. 

1.4 – Agree that during the period of hire, they are personally responsible for any and all costs or claims arising out of damage or injury caused to the golf cart, a third party, or any property, and for any injury sustained by the Hirer. (If in doubt, the Hirer is advised to obtain appropriate insurance cover prior to the period of hire).

1.5 – Agree that during the period of hire, they will not permit the vehicle to be driven by anyone other than themselves.

1.6 – Accept that the golf cart should be driven carefully and responsibly and in compliance with the stated rules at all times.

1.7 – Accept any additional course rules and regulations that are instructed when hiring a golf cart.

2. During Use:

2.1 – Buggies must be operated with the utmost courtesy, care and consideration for the safety and convenience of pedestrians. Pedestrians must be afforded the right-of way at all times on and around our courses.

2.2 – Our buggies are designed to carry a maximum of two people and two golf bags, the hirer should not exceed the maximum allocations for the cart.

2.3 – They will apply the parking brake (where not automatic) at all times when the golf car is at rest and ensure the golf car is parked safely when unattended.

2.4 – Operators must not drive buggies in areas marked “Ground Under Repair” (GUR) or restricted areas of the course where prohibitive signs are placed.

2.5 – Buggies must not be driven on tees and greens, some courses have a cart path only policy restricting buggies from driving on fairways.

2.6 – Operators should only be drive as fast as the terrain and conditions of the course.

3. After Use:

3.1 – Buggies should be returned to the specified location, the parking brake applied and the operating key turned to the off position.

3.2 – Keys should be returned to the location specified.

Failure to comply with these Conditions of Hire may lead to Hirer and his/her playing partners being asked to leave the course by the Duty Manager or other designated officer. The decision of the officer is final.

Offenders may be excluded from future playing privileges at the course.

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