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Course Rules
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Course Rules

OUT OF BOUNDS – Penalty: Stroke and Distance

  1. Over boundary fences; including boundary fence and trees bordering footpath side of 5th and 16th holes and 4th hole.
  2. On or over flower beds bordering Clubhouse, the flagged path, the shoe cleaner, the gravel path through 2nd green, extending to white posts through 18th green.
  3. Over the line of trees and hedges (plus white posts)
  4. starting at crossditch to last tree near 17th green, also in reverse on the 18th.
  5. In or over ditch through 5th green extending to behind 14th green to River Brent.
  6. Over ditch through 11th green, through 9th green, down to footpath behind and side of 9th green, footbridges, that part in bounds, free drop.
  7. On or over footpath to right of 8th fairway from white post by winter tee and through 8th and 10th greens, to Greenford Road.
  8. The RIVER BRENT where it forms boundary of the course (see 2 [a]).


  1. The RIVER BRENT between footbridges at 7th hole and 13th hole.
  2. Water in front of the 14th green, and right of right hand oak tree.
  3. All ditches except boundary ditches, including ditch in (1d) is a penalty area.

IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTION – Rule 16 – free drop not nearer the hole.

  1. All fences except boundary fences, staked trees, made up paths. (Lift and drop one club-length). All manhole covers, pipes, seats, tee boxes, waste bins, winter tees. Chippings (stone, wood, or ash etc) put down to combat mud.
  2. Stones in bunkers may be removed, should ball move, it shall be replaced.
  3. Wrong greens, including temporary greens, compulsory G.U.R., drop not nearer the hole keeping any hazards in line with flag.
  4. G.U.R. when marked with white paint or official notice


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