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Course Rules – Valley Course

  1. Out of bounds beyond any boundary hedges or fences.
  2. A ball lying on a path may be lifted and dropped without penalty.
  3. Please, only one golf bag per person, five clubs minimum.
  4. Please, no more than four players per group.
  5. Stones may be moved from bunkers.
  6. Please observe safety at all times.


  1. All green fees must be paid before play commences.
  2. All divots must be replaced and pitch marks repaired.
  3. Each player must be equipped with a bag of clubs. Sharing one bag or trolley is not allowed.
  4. Trolleys and golf bags must not be taken onto tees or greens.
  5. Boundary fences must not be crossed to retrieve golf balls.
  6. Please no more than four players per group.
  7. Players are asked to have consideration for other golfers whilst playing on the course.
  8. Any group losing a clear hole for any reason must invite the following group to play through at the first opportunity.
  9. Players are expected to have a knowledge of and observe the rules of golf and etiquette of the game.


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