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Custom Fitting

Unveiling Your Perfect Swing & Equipment in our Indoor Studio

Master Your Game: Our state-of-the-art Swing Studio provides the ideal environment for both golf coaching and custom equipment fitting. We utilise video analysis alongside the powerful GC2 launch monitor and simulator, offering a comprehensive experience to help you gain a deep understanding of your swing and equipment.

Custom Fitting: Why It Matters

One Size Doesn’t Fit All:
We all have unique physical attributes! While you might share someone’s height, factors like flexibility, leg length, upper body strength, arm length, downswing power, and hand size significantly differ. Custom-fitted clubs bridge this gap, ensuring optimal performance for your specific swing.

Benefits of Custom Fitting

  • Clubs perfectly matched to your swing
  • Enhanced accuracy and distance control
  • Improved consistency, minimizing bad shots
  • Maximize the value of your investment in clubs
  • Play with greater confidence and enjoy the game more

Gap Testing: Unveiling Hidden Inefficiencies

Uncover Distance Gaps:
A gap test involves hitting balls with each club in your bag on our simulator. We measure the resulting distances to identify any significant gaps between clubs in your set. This popular service often reveals surprising results, with golfers unknowingly carrying 2-3 clubs hitting similar distances. Additionally, large gaps between shorter irons are a common finding. Based on the gathered data, we’ll recommend the most efficient and cost-effective way to optimize your set, maximizing its potential.

Experience the Difference:
Visit our Pro Shop and experience our top-of-the-line Golf Sim powered by the GC2 launch monitor from Foresight Sports LTD.


We are open 7 days a week

Monday - Sunday 07:00-21:00
Driving Range & Shop (Monday - Thursday) 07:00-21:00
Driving Range & Shop (Friday - Sunday) 07:00-19:00

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